Derrick H. Nicelettuce

corporate cartoons

I did some corporate work for a while, and they generously let me put these cartoons up on my site. I wasn't crazy about working for a corporation, but I DO kind of miss those paychecks. This cartoon series originally appeared in The Wednesday as comical Paid Advertisements for the Pyzzo Corporation.

i'm dumb addition best time compare and contrast how to be hilarious daily grind stimulus response happy holidays har in sink i am a moose mean snowballs nepsis star wars and acupuncture tape turkeys what's that #1 what's that #2 waiter 1 waiter 2 chicken car coincidence happy valentine's day late for contest maze phone call for betty pie THEFT, folks. not pie SALE poor duck prisoner of own mind serious opera talking dog theorem part 1 theorem part 2 bananna bill eating right help, help I'm disgusting look at what I did PHILLIPINE banannas