Derrick H. Nicelettuce


Derrick Nicelettuce started his career as a martial arts instructor (Doubel Black Belt). When he was permanently disabled in a sailing accident, he became a full-time writer. He has been a freelance writer, editor, cartoonist and compiler for now over twenty years. He lives with his wife Louise and his dog Pepsy in Kansas City, MO.

Derrick Nicelettuce doesn't ask: why did some shark take away my knees before I ever even got a shot at the title. He channels his frustration / Chi-gong Hi into this website as an example to other sailing accident survivors everywhere. And nowhere.

Derrick Nicelettuce is a classic example of the merits of steely steadfastness in the face of dogged leglessness. He is a beacon of hope in this wasteland of failed dreams and goddamned sharks as well as failed dreams. A warrior artist / poet for our handicapped times.